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8 Crucial Dragon Quest XI Tips

8 Crucial <i>Dragon Quest XI</i> Tips While the Arriviste Vest provides a 10% boost to experience for your entire team, providing someone in the active party is wearing it, this bonus is capped to a maximum of 75 experience per person, which means if you defeated an enemy worth 800 experience, you would only receive a total of 875 experience from that battle. Similar restrictions are placed onto the Elevating Vest too, which also provides an approximate 10% extra gold per battle, but this is capped at 15 gold total. Unless you got these items from a collector’s edition code, by the time you find them in the game at the Puerto Valor casino, you will find that you are already outpacing the capped bonus each vest gives you, and since you have to trade a chest armor slot to equip them, they really aren’t worth using over the other gear available at this point in the game. As your party levels up they will begin to amass SP which can be spent to unlock a number of passive and active skills from the skill tree. Each character has a separate wing for their equippable weapons, as well as one of two unique wings that grant them special abilities based on their background. While it might not seem like it at first, these skill trees will expand throughout the game, with some members gaining whole new wings after certain events.

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